What’s GOG Connect?


So, this is pretty big news.  GOG.com announced GOG Connect: What that means, is DRM-free games on Steam that are eligible can be added to your GOG account here.  If you have previously purchased these games on Steam and want them on your GOG account, that’s totally feasible now. But what does that MEAN? That’s what we have to ask ourselves.  GOG will allow you to choose between a standalone installer, or the GOG Galaxy Client, which neither require Steam. You want to play, say Saints Row 2 but don’t really want to be online, or won’t be online? Use GOG Connect! The aforementioned link has the complete list of games currently offered but right now here’s just a few:

– FTL: Faster Than Light
– Trine Enchanted Edition
– Saints Row 2
– Shadowrun Returns
– The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

Only one or two on that list that I’m really into [LOVE FTL and Shadowrun], but this has pretty big implications I think. The games on the list will come and go, and I’d think of them as limited time offers. A chance to take a game you already own and love, and take it away from Steam. If you are new to GOG, I highly recommend taking a look, as there is a sale going on til June 6th, and a bunch of games are discounted up to 85% off. The reason I personally love GOG is that it has such a wide list of older PC game titles. Ultima, Might and Magic, Planescape Torment, TIE Fighter, Psychonauts, and the list just goes on. I’m actually really excited to see what GOG does with this new GOG Connect. It’s not a huge step, but it’s a step forward.

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