Who Will Be the Honorable President?

An open presidential election is now putting the testers of Magic World Online (MWO) in a dilemma: should one just nominate himself/herself or vote for another player?

Today WMO is undergoing its 1st phase of closed beta testing, and GMs of MWO are sending out words in the official forum (http://mwobbs.enjoymmo.com) that the Publisher, Ingle Games, will finance its Beta testers to establish 4 guilds, two for Dynasty and two for Empire. What’s of particular interest to notice is that these presidents will be nominated from all testers. All other guild positions, including the foreign minister, the production minister, the promotion minister, and core guild members, will be assigned by the president-elect of each guild.

According to the official introduction to its guild system, those who are eager to demonstrate and prove their leadership quality can now have an opportunity to realize their dreams. And without doubt, the players who are feeling the pinch to set up a guild or just being exhausted by the efforts to acquire some certain official position can also find the way out to satisfy their ambitions.

And fortunately, those who have not yet joined game testing can still participate in the election. Thanks to the creative in-game robot, new players can make little effort to reach level 20, which is the minimum requirement to become a nominee for the election.

In this game, guild members can contribute to the development of their guild development by providing resources to their guild. In return, the guild will compensate all individuals with many rewards such as reputation points, experience points, superb potions and powerful weapons. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

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