Wind Slayer: Closed Beta Beginning January 7

Outspark, a leading entertainment services company that publishes and operates massively multiplayer online games, announced today the closed beta test for its newest game, Wind Slayer. Between January 7th and 14th, players will have a chance to embark on a hero’s journey through hundreds of quests and intense battles to earn experience, treasure and prestige.

The testing period offers participants the elite opportunity to be one of the first to experience Wind Slayer in its entirety.
Participants will also provide Outspark with valuable feedback that will be used to further refine the game before its wider release later this year.

“Outspark offers rides for every type of thrill seeker coming to play in our virtual playground,” stated Susan Choe, CEO and founder of Outspark. “Wind Slayer’s character customization and multiplayer options combined with its side scrolling style and simple controls make the game a perfect fit for all gamers wanting to enjoy a fun-filled crusade with friends they meet in the Outspark community.”

Set on the beautiful continent of Beuritania, Wind Slayer invites adventurers to travel a diverse land filled with everything from beautiful, grass covered meadows and mountaintops to curious villages, dark caves and even an underwater city. Along the way players gain skills, weapons and experience as their characters grow stronger and choose one of the game’s six exciting classes – Warrior, Archer, Mage, Rogue, Monk and Priest.

Additional Wind Slayer Features Include:

Hundreds of in-game items to customize your character
Powerful skills and deadly combos to battle foes
Hundreds of engaging in-game quests
Intense multiplayer battles with up to 20 simultaneous players
Beautiful fantasy worlds and captivating visual effects
Engaging community features including chat, trade, guilds and more

Wind Slayer is scheduled to be available to a wider North American audience during an open beta launch in February.

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