Wind Slayer Race To 45 Event

A nice event for Wind Slayer has begun July 27th, where users who create a new character are automatically entered into the event. All players who reach level 45, will receive 1400 Spark Cash as long as they get it before August 3. There’s also special prizes to the first ten and twenty players that reach level 45. Check out full details here.
Also all users who log on July 30th from 1:00pm to 3:00pm will automatically be entered into the raffle to win a free Nintendo DSi! Everyone who logs on will get a free triple jump item that will help them get through the game. You must be logged on during the full two hours to win. Click here for full details.
If you are interested in starting to play Wind Slayer or Fiesta, for free, go to and make an account.

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