Winning Putt: Golf is Fun!

Honest! Here me out.


When people ask me what MMO I had the most fun with over the past year or so, they expect to hear things like “World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV” or maybe even “Music Man Online”. These are all incorrect! The MMO that had my honest to God most enjoyment was when myself and Colton played “Winning Putt”.  Yes, the GOLF MMO. It was so fun, I could be competitive, see weird and creepy things, and play a game I normally hate. They found a way to make golf appeal to me: Add character levels, skills, and though it’s still in beta, it’s a fantastic game and I appeal, nay, implore you to check it out right here.

New cool clubs, achievements, new missions, and the level cap went from 30-35. I didn’t spend a lot of time playing this, mostly because I was doing tons of reviews at the time so there was no real time to level and experience this outside of the scope of a video review, and a written review. But this makes me want to come back. You should do the same! It’s relaxing and fun, while still intensely challenging at the same time. Me and Colton will be on the links! Will you?

Want to see our video? Sure you do! It’s right here!

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