With Your Destiny: October Event Madness

Battle of the Noobs!
I know you guys are craving for an event that will boost the newbie’s so our team decided to conduct a special PK event just for our beloved mortal and for the reward it is something that you can’t even imagine.

Fill me in!
Got entertained by newbcaKes funny comics strip? WYDian’s its now your time to create your very own comics strip. So keep that creative juices flowing and win tons of exciting prizes!

Catch an Angel!
And oh we are not talking about Kafma IV most popularly known as Kephra’s BFF but this time but we are talking about another angel. A super easy hide and seek that involves active participation even if your outside the game or inside. Just make sure that those “Print Screen Button” is working!

Shout for Joy Reloaded!
Grab those yellow megaphones and shout as loud as you can!
Instead of 2 Laktoreriums you will win 3 Laktoreriums permanently! But the catch is you need to answer our question within 3 minutes or else. The questions will be changed.

Kill the GM
GM Helius is being possessed by the foul beast Kephra and is on the move to kill the WYDIANS who crosses his path! After you killed the Scourge and his minions inside the Kephra Dungeon, GM Helius will appear and you need to free him from his possession by means of his death! Kill him within 30 minutes and win some mouth watering prizes! We are talking about perfect option armors here WYD’ians! So wear your best armors and head to the Kephra Dungeon!

WYDIANS! Prepare yourself because it will be a bumpy ride this October!
Log on to the game now!
Information above may change anytime without prior notice!!

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