Wolf Team Announces Upcoming Classic Mode

An upcoming patch for Wolf Team, the popular First Person Shooter (FPS) published by Aeria Games, will bring another level of combat to the game: human vs. human.
The new content will be available for most of the current Wolf Team game modes. Referred to as Classic mode, players are restricted from transforming into a werewolf, and instead will play solely as a human. While one of Wolf Team’s main attractions is the ability to turn into a wolf, Aeria anticipates that Classic mode will add a lot more depth to the game as it will give players a chance to show off standard FPS skills.
For those unfamiliar with it, Wolf Team offers many additional exciting features including:
– Fast-paced FPS action for up to 16 players at a time!
– A large assortment of different weapons
– Transform into a werewolf for up-close combat
– 15 different maps in a variety of different shapes and sizes
– 7 exciting game modes such as Death Match, Destruction, and Conquest
The Aeria Games team that operates Wolf Team prides itself on providing quality customer support, fun daily events run by the Gamemaster (GM) team, and many contests where players can win free prizes. The community is a big part of Wolf Team and volunteers, known as Game Sages, are selected by the GM team to help new users and assist in running events.

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