Wolfteam: New Features

Wolfteam, developed and serviced by Softnyx Co., Inc. has created eight new wolves for players’ enjoyment and strategy.
What is Wolfteam?
Wolfteam is an online FPS game developed and published by Softnyx. Its unique features allow a player’s character to transform into a wolf and use supernatural powers to defeat the opponent. From the first launch of the game, Softnyx has created more kinds of wolves for with different abilities for use in-game.
What are the wolves?
Guardian Wolf
The Guardian Wolf has the highest HP and defense of all the wolves. Bullets bounce off its body due to the hard shell of its skin. This wolf is best used as a tank when faced with more enemies than allies.
Smart Wolf
The Smart Wolf is the fastest and has the ability to suck the life out of its opponents. He can convert the blood he takes from opponents and heal himself.
Ghost Wolf 
The Ghost Wolf has the ability to turn invisible when not in motion. This is the perfect wolf to use for ambush.
Ice Wolf
As its name suggests, the Ice Wolf can freeze opponents for a few seconds by throwing balls of ice at them. This move can buy teammates time to regroup or stop the opponents’ momentum.
Psycho Wolf
The Psycho Wolf can throw balls of psychic energy at opponents to affect and confuse their movements.
Berserker Wolf
The Berserker Wolf is capable of self-destruction when cornered or in more urgent situations.
Power Wolf
The Power Wolf can kill enemies in as little as one or two slashes from its powerful claws.
Ghost2 Wolf
Unlike the Ghost Wolf before it, the Ghost2 Wolf is never fully visible. Its permanent semi-invisibility allows it to sneak up on opponents when they least expect it.
New Weapons
The humans’ munitions have also been strengthened. New weapons and grenades have been created for the humans to be able to survive against these new wolves.
When thrown over a cluster of opponents, the MK-6G will create a force field that sucks everyone in, before it explodes. While its explosive radius is more limited than a regular grenade, its explosive power more than makes up for the lack of distance.
The incendiary power of the MK-6 EG allows it to burn enemies for a longer length of time than regular grenades. Enemies receive additional damage over time from the MK-6 EG.
MK-6 E
The MK-6 E creates a wide fiery area on the ground it lands on, burning anything and everything it touches. An advantage that this grenade has over others is that it can be equipped as a secondary weapon.
New Maps
With the advent of wolves come new maps for more scrimmages.
Junk Field
Map size: Mid-sized, 8vs8
Map size: Small, 8vs8
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