WonderKing Closed Beta Launches

NDOORS Interactive today officially launched the closed beta of their adventure-filled new MMORPG, WonderKing. Over 30,000 hopefuls turned out across the internet to claim closed beta keys and most are expected to enter the game world during this closed beta period.
“We’re proud to welcome the first group of players into the world of WonderKing today,” said Peter Kang, CEO of NDOORS. “We plan to make good use of this closed beta period to fine tune the experience and we look forward to a seamless commercial launch later this summer.”
WonderKing is a 2D, side-scrolling MMORPG that takes players on an adventurous journey to become a hero and don the mantle of WonderKing. Your quest to save the realm will take you from beautiful beaches to murky marshlands and spooky ghost towns. Some of the features in WonderKing include:
* PvP: Challenge each other and battle one on one at a special map for points that can be exchanged for special in-game items.
* Pet System: Adorable and loyal AI animals will aid in hunting, item collecting, and other tasks.
* Class Advancement: The game allows players to focus on specific character abilities and advance to higher classes to learn even more powerful techniques.
* Mounts and Vehicles: Get moving with a variety of vehicles to ride and animals to mount, providing boosts to attack and defense.
* Castle Battles: Engage in PvP battles using siege warfare across castles. This system will be available for players later this year.
* Home Town System: Players can personally decorate a private room where they can rest and store items and trophies. Like castle battles, this system will be implemented later this year as well.
Designed for gamers of all ages, WonderKing is set in a vibrantly colorful world and features some of the most uniquely creative character designs and gorgeous graphics in any game. As with all of NDOORS’ titles, WonderKing is 100% free-to-play.

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