Wonderland Online: Alpha Test Invitations

The Wonderland Online (http://wl.igg.com) Alpha Test will be held at the end of March. This test will be focused on finding and fixing as many bugs as possible. Therefore, IGG will only send out a limited amount of test accounts. IGG would sincerely appreciate any help from game guilds who want to join the test.

Game guilds are alliances of people with similar hardcore gaming habits who often play games together. Players who have a guild and a group of members can sign up for the Alpha Test.

Sign up time:
Mar 18th to Mar 25th
How to sign up:
Send an email to edwin@igg.com
Or post in the Wonderland Forum Guild Zone:

The email should include the following information:
A: Guild name
B: Number of guild members
C: Guild website
D: Number of Guild members participating in the test
E: Contact email

The selected guilds will get these rewards
A: A test account for each member
B: After the test, each guild will get a certain amount of item mall points valued at about 100 US dollars. (IGG will give these points to the guild leader and then the leader will distribute them to their members at their own discretion.)

1. All character data will be wiped out after the test.
2. The selected guilds should add the Wonderland Online link and log to their website.
3. IGG will send out an email with the exact time for the test.
4. Selected guilds should make sure all characters reach level 15+, or the guild will not get any rewards.

For more, please visit here: http://wl.igg.com/news/newscontent.php?aid=316

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