Wonderland Online: Christmas Fortune Bombing

Merry Christmas!!! To celebrate, the Wonderland Online Team has released its Christmas Fortune Bombing. Players can play the wheel using their credits. There are so many gifts available, join in now to get yours!

Available Gifts
Sky Dragon Voucher
Yacht Voucher
System Grenade
Sky Boots
Ghost Halberd
Subtle Clothes
Sky Blue Boots
Jade Grass
Riddle Paper*15
8X Holy EXP Potion
6X Holy EXP Potion
4X Holy EXP Potion
2X Holy EXP Potion
1.5X Holy EXP Potion
10,000 Gold
50 Credits Give Back

Players can join the Fortune Bombing by using WLO Credits. Each play only costs 150 Credits, and guarantees they’ll win something from among all the valuable items and gear.

Event Flow
1. After entering the Fortune Bombing page players will see a login prompt. Players need to sign in first before playing.
2. Each play will cost 150 WLO Credits, which will be deducted from the player’s account. The wheel can’t roll when there are not enough credits in the account.
3. What the pointer indicates when the wheel stops moving will be the final prize, and the rewards will be given out during the maintenance on December 30th.
4. The system prompt will announce the winner’s prize, and then players can click the “Play Again” button at the bottom left corner of the screen to restart if they want to continue to play the Fortune Bombing.

How are credits obtained?

1. Players can obtain Credits equal to 10% of the points they’ve spent on Item Mall purchases. (The corresponding credits will be charged into the account within 5 minutes after the purchase in the Item Mall is made.)
2. Through BUZZ!
3. Forum Karma redemption
4. Official Events
5. Join in the Visit WLO, Win Credits event to get the Credits.

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