Wonderland Online: Collection System

Wonderland Online (http://wl.igg.com/), has been highly anticipated by many players since it was first announced. Today the Wonderland team is going to give you a little preview of the collection system.

There are 3 major resources in Wonderland. They are ore, log and grass. To obtain them players need the corresponding collection skills such as mining, lumbering and collection. There will be a large demand for various grasses, such as Asakusa, Vine, and Fruit which can be obtained through collection as players make their way through the game. There are also some useless weeds, so players should spend some time improving their collection level so as to improve the efficiency of grass collection. When the collection level is high, it’s convenient for players to either sell or use them.

To learn the grass-collection skill, players need to obtain five barleys from the monsters at the chicken farm of North Island and hand them to the farmer at the farm in the west of South Island. Also, the chicken farm at North Island is also an ideal place for lvl 12+ players to lvl up. Use cleaner when players are near grass resources, and then they can start to collect these grasses. Since few people focus on this skill, it’s a good way to make money.

For more info visit the official website at: http://wl.igg.com/

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