Wonderland Online: Easter Extravaganza!

Happy Easter!!! With Easter almost here, have you got eggs from the Easter bunny? If not, just log into the Wonderland Online world to grab abundant presents!
Overloaded Easter Bunny Drops Baskets
Event Duration?April 6th to April 12th EDT (GMT-4)
During Easter, players will be rewarded with an Easter Basket by defeating Level 10+ monsters. These baskets contain many fantastic presents inside (4x Holy EXP Potion, Dark Chocolate, Fun Token, Forgotten Scroll and many more), click on them to find out what you got!
Cute Easter Eggs
Event Duration?April 5th to April 10th EDT (GMT-4) 
The season for hunting down brightly colored hidden eggs is here again. But this time the GMs don’t have enough eggs for everyone. He is asking for players’ help in collecting them. Win large credits for helping out!
Additionally, the officials will be holding a 2x EXP event lasting 2 days so that players can upgrade fast. Players can get even more items drops if they use the 4 Leaves Grass.

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