Wonderland Online: First anniversary

On March 27th, 2009,Wonderland Online will be celebrating its first birthday. In the past year, 8 servers have gathered more than 1.4 million members. To thank for players’ wonderful support, Wonderland Online will offer you a series of events:
First of all, any player who stays online between 1 a.m. March 27th and 12 a.m. March 28th will enjoy double experience. In addition, many surprising gifts will be laid for you to collect in Wellington Village in branch 2 of every server. Nimbus Spar and Yacht Voucher, as the most popular game items which cannot be bought normally, will be displayed on sale in Item Mall during the celebration. Another 3 events are:
100 Credits Giveaway (Duration: March 27th-April 2nd)
During the event, all players fulfilling requirements will gain 100 credits at most.
WLO Anniversary Essays Contest (Duration: March 21st-March 31st)
To celebrate WLO’s 1st anniversary, officials have been holding an essay contest. You can write about whatever you have received from WLO.
Fortune Bombing (Duration: March 27th-March 30th)
If you like gambling, you cannot miss this. Players will have some chance to win fabulous Culver Voucher, 1000000 Gold, 8X Holy EXP Potion and Evil Gown.
Follow your destiny on March 27th, 2009 and celebrate with us our First Ever Grand Anniversary!
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