Wonderland Online: Game Strategy Collection

One week has passed since Wonderland Online ( http://wl.igg.com/ ) stated the Closed Beta test. The WL team firmly believes that by now some of our players must be very familiar with certain parts of the game, so they will be holding the “Game Strategy Collection” event for those veterans to show off their knowledge and to offer guidance to some beginners. The details of this event follow; so please read them carefully.
Event Content:
According to your experiences in the game, write your own special strategy.
The following are the topics choices (in the Event Zone) you can submit answers on. You can choose 3 topics at the most to offer advice on.
Strategy Themes:
(Level up) How to level up to level 30 quickly?
(Fancy Tent) How to create a fancy tent?
(Earn Money) Easy money making steps for beginners.
(Skill Point) How to distribute skill points (each class)?
(Quest) The quests in each village.
Event Rules:
1. Your strategy should contain a title, and the content should be related to one of the above themes.
2. The strategy should be original; if there are duplicates, the first one posted only will be counted.
3. Concise Strategies including pictures are preferred.
4. There is no word limit.
5. Strategies containing aggressive, vulgar, or obscene language will be instantly rejected.
6. If the work is judged to be excellent, the author will be rewarded. IGG reserves all the copyrights of the works you submitted.
To Participate:
Post your works with the corresponding themes in the Event Zone.
The officials will judge your works
There are 2 kinds of awards, Encouragement Award and Excellent Award.
20 participants in total will win the Encouragement Award, and each theme has 3 Excellent Awards.
Excellent Award: 1 Gold Statue Voucher
Gold Statue Voucher: Double EXP for eight hours
Encouragement Award: 20 winners (1 Copper Statue Card)
Copper Statue Card: Double EXP for two hours
Event Duration: April 15th to May 20th(GMT-5)
Selection Time: May 21st to May 22nd (GMT-5)
The winner list will be announced on May 23rd. (GMT-5)

1. All participants should stick to the event rules; otherwise their qualifications will be cancelled.
2. All players are qualified to participate in the event.

IGG reserves the rights for final judgment of the event.
The official Wonderland Online website: http://wl.igg.com/

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