Wonderland Online: Human Pet Armlet Guard Strategy

The Human Pet’s Armlet (Special Item) for Wonderland Online is very significant since it can improve the pet’s power and make up for shortages in their features and attack styles. Players can get the Human Pet’s Armlet by playing the Golden Glove game in the Item Mall. They can also get the armlet with good attributes by completing quests. Today the WLO team is providing some of the strategies for completing these quests.

I. La. Tim

Attribute: ATK+50 MaxHP+350
Quest: On the other side of the mountain
Location: South Island
Target: None
Condition: Fred and Roca should be on the team.
1. There is a question mark on a hill on the south Island.
2. You need aircraft to get there.
3. Talk with La. Tim when you enter the cave, then fight him.
4. Win to finish the quest.

II. Rock Armlet

Attribute: DEF+50 MaxHP+350
Quest: Marine Exploration
Location: Voyage Map (X: 5902.Y: 5035)
Target: Zheng He’s fleet.
Condition: Quest Master Sanbo, where are you?
1 Talk with Zheng He and them go to fight.
2 Win to finish the quest.

III. Belly Chain Necklace

Attribute: MATK+50 MaxHP+350
Quest: Secret Path under the Gravestone
Location: Holy Village Bar
Target: Drunkard
Condition: None
1 Talk with the NPC then click the gravestone to enter.
2 Go get the Picture Blade from a picture on the secret path.
3 Open the door at the bottom left corner.
4 Go and find the room, there will be a note on the wall, click it.
5 Click 1,1,5,5,6,6,5,4,4,3,3,2,2,1 to get the box.

IV. Resistant Armlet

Attribute: MDEF+50 MaxHP+350
Quest: Inukami
Location: Golden Temple, Japan
Target: Kasuga’s Father
Condition: None
1 Talk with Kasuga’s Father.
2 The left transportation spot is the correct path to the second floor
3 Defeat 4 warriors then go to the 3rd floor and defeat Inukami
Different armlets are suitable for different pets, players can also use different armlets when they are in different situation such as in PK, or doing quests and so on.

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