Wonderland Online: New Items in Version 3.0

The Wonderland Online Team has announced that 3 more new items from version 3 are now available for all players to enjoy. Is it annoying that traveling involves so much hassle? Do you want to talk with your Maid Robot as you wish? Do you want to avoid losing both you and your pets’ EXP caused by death?

The New Items in Version 3.0 are here to make all these dreams come true! The following are details about the 3 new items:

Wisdom Crystal
1. Double click the Maid Robot you have purchase and a Wit Maid manufacturing window will pop up. One Maid Robot and one Wisdom Crystal are needed to make a Wit Maid.
2. Click the Wit Maid and you may be surprised to find that the Wit Maid can talk to you.
3. Function 1: Players can store or draw pets at any time.
4. Function 2: It can be used as a mobile tent which allows players to deposit and draw items freely without opening their tent.
5. Function 3: Players can order human pets to do the manufacturing instead of themselves.

Boarded Voucher
1. Go find the sailor NPCs at the beach or docks and talk with them. The quantity of the tickets will differ according to the distance.
2. For teams, the team leader can give the NPC all required tickets so that all members will travel together.

Protective EXP Pill
The EXP loss caused by death in a higher level character can be a big deal for all players. Players should be very careful in AFK mode, when completing quests or PK, because every death will lead to several days’ EXP obtained through hard work being lost. However, this is not a problem if you use a Protective EXP Pill. This item does exactly what it says, namely, protect players’ EXP from being deducted after death during the effective time. But it only protects players EXP, nothing else.

Both player and pet will not lose any experience for 3 hours after using a Protective EXP Pill. One Protective EXP Pill can only be used. Players can click the icon at the right bottom corner to find out how much time is left. Remember, Protective EXP Pills cannot be traded.

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