Wonderland Online: New Pet Strategies

There are three important new characters in Wonderland Online version 3, Charlotte, Eva and Angela. The following are some strategies for finishing their quests about Charlotte and Eva.

1. Fairy Charlotte
To get Charlotte, players should do the quests: Directing Monster, Alfer Gorge and Ma Stone.

Directing Monster
Target: Fairy
Condition: None
Process: Go To 5F, Snow Cave, and find the transportation spot, enter it, and then talk with the fairy in it. After that she will join the team.

Alfer Gorge
Target: None
Condition: Finish the Directing Monster quest and she will bring you.
Process: Go along the left path of Angkor Aisle, and then jump from the cliff. After that go into the cave and click the bird beast there, Charlotte will then come and help.
Rewards: 500 EXP

Ma Stone
Target: Elven Elder
Condition: Both the Directing Monster and Alfer Gorge quests have been done
Process: Outside of the cave, on the left, there is a transportation spot through which players can go to Alfer Village, pass through and find the Elven Elder. He will ask players for Ma Stone, and Charlotte should go to Holy Land in advance. Go to Angkor and enter the transportation spot, then go strait. On the left at the end, go through the spot there, then go to the left and you can find a transportation spot again at the top left corner. Talk with Charlotte after entering and she will open the door then go to find the question mark, and fight with the holy beast.

Beasts’ Information: Lvl 110 Holy Beast * 1 HP: 15000
Holy Liondove with Earth attribute * 1, (Another Holy Liondove with Wind attribute will come out when it’s killed) HP: about 6000
Holy Liondove with Water attribute * 1 (It can use Sleep skill; another Holy Liondove with Fire attribute will come out when it’s killed) HP: about 6000.

Go back with the Ma Stone.
Rewards: Charlotte will become the players’ pet.

2. Evil Envoy Eva
Target: None
Condition: Both Mysterious Key and Fairy Charlotte quests should have been done
Process: The key is on the altar in the Main Town of Angkor (X: 1682 Y: 655). Go to the 2nd floor of the Incan cave (X: 4360 Y: 4080) after obtaining the key. Then open the door at the top right corner in the right cave.

Eva: Fire, level 124, HP: 32480, Skills: Mess Spell and Ghost Fire
Immortal Mummy * 10
Earth: Level 87, HP: 5350, Skill: Terrafication
Fire: Level 87, HP: 5350, Skill: Mess Spell
Wind: Level 88, HP: 5350, Skill: Coma Spell
Water: Level 87, HP: 5350, Skill: Recovery

Rewards: Eva will become the players’ pet.

Eva’s weapon: Evil Fork, TK+25, MATK+25, possesses critical strike effect

Final words: Fairy and evil, they are not only have good appearance, they are also very strong!

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