Wonderland Online: New Pets in Fairy’s Whisper

Wonderland Online Version 3.0 Fairy’s Whisper will include the release of some new pets, like Angel-Angela, Elf-Eva and Spirit-Charlotte. We are sure these three new pets will bring you to a fantastic new Wonderland world.

Angel-Angela: An envoy sent on a mission to Earth on behalf of the Gods. She is in charge of guarding the Bright Sword with which Perseus killed the Gorgon Medusa. After Perseus returned the sword to God, numerous people tried to seize it from Angela for thousands of years, but nobody succeeded.

Elf-Eva: An Evil Envoy on probation, she is naughty and often plays tricks on other elves, even King Samile shrugs his shoulders at her. After she was promoted, Samile ordered her to persuade the Savior to give up fighting against hell. If she fails, she must destroy the Savior with the Dark Shield. Can she complete this mission?

Spirit-Charlotte: A small but agile spirit from a different race. All spirits live a leisurely life. They are lively and clever. Thus, they often put up various ideas and are good at transmitting information.

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