Wonderland Online: New Transport Modes Guide

Since more transport modes have been introduced into the newly released Version 3.0, Wonderland Online will be giving a comprehensive sneak preview of them. It is no longer a dream of travelling around the world and leaving people’s foot print on every corner of Wonderland Online.

You may have flown into the sky on a plane, or traveled the sea by steam ship, perhaps you journeyed across Wonderland by UFO. Now, the vast reaches of outer space and the world at the bottom of the sea are welcome places to visit. The brand-new Aether Landing Craft and Submarine can help you get there. Meet with the Dragon God, the Martian and the Jade Rabbit in no time at all.

Review: The cool Aether Landing Craft and Submarine can be used to do quests, as well as being a head turner for visitors to your home.

Mystic Passage in Holy Village
Find the bellman at the Holy Village Church and give him 5 stars in exchange for a Mysterious Key to the pathway. Players can be teleported to China, the South Pole, the land of the Mayans as well as three other places in the mystic passage.

Review: This is the best mode of transportation. It was available in Version 2, but as 5 stars are now needed, we recommend you use another lower-level character to do this quest, because the stars will be very useful for your later growth.

Boarded Voucher
WLO Ver3.0 has also added a Boarded Voucher function. Players can deliver a Boarded Voucher to the Crew near the sea or on the pier and then they can go wherever they want by ship. Certainly, different destinations have different fees.

Review: The Boarded Vouchers obtained from quests are useful now, but don’t forget to set a record spot after reaching the destination. This is because the Boarded Voucher just pays for a single trip. If you are teleported to other places unexpectedly, you have to use another ticket to travel again. Don’t worry, if your tickets are used up, you can purchase more in the Item Mall.

Magic Magnet
The magic magnet has a kind of mysterious power to make two persons equipped with them travel to each other whenever necessary.

Review: This is the fastest and coolest transport mode which will definitely play an important role in completing quests on the other islands. Also, it’s great for couples to quickly find each other.

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