Wonderland Online: New Version 4.0-The Cursed Palace

The Wonderland Online Team recently announced that they have been working hard to prepare the launch of the new Version 4.0. The new version-The Cursed Palace, is crammed with tons of amazing new content. What does the new version bring? Find out soon! But for right now, they’re giving a peek at what’s available…

Everyone knows that one of the very unique features of WLO is that so many different civilizations from many different countries are open for players to enjoy and explore. In previous versions, the mysterious Pyramids of Egypt or the Mayan Jungles or other ancient and amazing maps could be explored. This time, the new version brings an even more amazing array of crumbling ruins, ancient monsters and archeological danger just waiting to be uncovered!

The new Wonderland Online 4.0-The Cursed Palace will even lead you into challenging strong bosses you’ve never met before in Ancient Greece!

WLO 3.0 is currently in Open Beta, and has a vibrant community of players just waiting for another partner to help them explore!

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