Wonderland Online: New Year Events

With the New Year in sight, the Wonderland Online Team has planned several interesting events for players to enjoy right through to 2009.

1. Drive Your Turtle Car III
Players who have never purchased WLO Points Cards and exchanged them for WLO Points will, from January 1st until January 10th EST (GMT-5), be rewarded with a cute Turtle car. Take your friends and begin a wonderful journey together! Our extra-special two-seater design is so safe and comfortable. When you use it you can move freely on the land without encountering any enemies.

2. Win Double EXP Together
Wonderland Online will hold the Double EXP event for one day if the maximum number of concurrent users is 25,000 or more from 6:00pm, January 2nd until 1:00 am, January 3rd.

3. New Year Fortune Bombing
Wonderland has released its New Year’s Fortune Bombing! From December 31st to January 5th, 2009, players can spin the wheel using their credits. The WLO team has many amazing gifts prepared for everyone.

Available Gifts:
Sky Dragon Voucher
Turtle Car Voucher
5X Holy EXP Potion
Party Wear
Red Woolen Clothes
Demon Suit
Water Boots
Steel Thorn Bracers
Crystal Knife
Ghost Halberd
3X Holy EXP Potion
Riddle Paper*15
10,000 Gold
1.5X Holy EXP Potion
50 Credits Give Back

Players can join in Fortune Bombing by using WLO Credits. Each play only costs 150 Credits, and guarantees you’ll win something from among all the valuable items and gear.

4. New Year Pleasant Surprises
From January 1st to January 10th EST (GMT-5), players who have consumed at least 500 Wonderland Online points in total will receive 20,000 Gold as a New Year’s gift. In addition, the top three players who have consumed the most points will be awarded big rewards.

1st Prize: One Yacht
2nd Prize: 100,000 Gold
3rd Prize: 50,000 Gold

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