Wonderland Online: Pet System Preview

Wonderland Online (http://wl.igg.com), the new MMORPG from IGG, will officially launch its closed beta in 2008 March. Today players have a chance to see what the pet system for Wonderland Online is like.
The pet system for Wonderland Online is quite different from other online games’ pet systems. So far, the pet system of Wonderland Online has offered more than one hundred different pets for players to choose from. Various pets can not only bring a lot of fun to players, but also can do different things in terms of their types. For instance, a dog can deliver your mail, the pterosaur can enable you to fly freely in the sky, and some offensive pets can help you when fighting against enemies. In addition, different pets have different qualities, according to the four elements, with each pet having only one element that allows them to restrain corresponding pets, which makes the game more interesting.
Players can obtain pets through capture or trade, but sometimes you need to do certain quests to obtain certain pets. Want to obtain a special and practical pet? You can’t miss their quests in game. Taking your beloved pets to level up can benefit you a lot, because they will be very helpful when they are at correspondingly high levels, and the Intimacy Degree will be increased as well. In a word, players must devote a lot to their pets if they want them to be the super stars in game!
1. How to capture pets: Players can click the “little hand” icon and then click the pets they want to capture. It’s very easy, but don’t forget that players can only capture a pet whose level is equal to or below yours.
2. Capturing pets won’t consume your mana. Some pets in the game cannot be captured. However, if you do capture a pet, its level will descend to 1 automatically when you obtain it, which also means their experience will return to 0, with 50 Loyalty Degree.
3. All the pets that you are allowed to capture can be ridden, which can make you look really cool and allow you to travel swiftly, even more , these pets will become players’ real companions. If you select “Combat Mode” , you can’t ride pets, but they will follow players around.
Apart from the pets that have been mentioned above and traditional animal pets, there are also human pets! Magellan, Columbus, and even ET can be your close friends!
Stay tuned to Wonderland Online website for the latest information: http://wl.igg.com/.

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