Wonderland Online: Rebirth Points Suggestion in Ver3.0

The Wonderland Online Rebirth System was released with WL 3.0, and players can be reborn once their level reaches 100+. Here are a few suggestions regarding rebirth.

Rebirth Rules

STR > INT, reborn to be Fighter (Killer, Warrior and Knight)
STR < INT, reborn to be Mage (Wit, Priest and Seer) Rebirth Suggestion There are 2 main ways to be reborn: One is to strengthen your original advantages, for example, a Fire Fighter with high attack power can be reborn as Killer. Another is to make up some skill shortfall, for example, assistant Earth or Water classes could be reborn as a Mage or Knight. Advantage for Different Classes Killer: High attack power
Warrior: High melee defense, good class skills
Knight: High speed, good class skills, good at using saddle (Even equip Magic Saddle or Bash Saddle can get the knight’s bonus)
Wit: High magic attack power, high sealing rate, high anti-sealing skills, good class skills
Priest: Hidden attribute (related to WIS), deduce damage by 30%, anti-sealing skills
Seer: High sealing rate, good speed

Analyses for Class and Attribute

Fire: Suitable for all classes. Suggestion: Gives priority to attack and others to be assistant. But the Knight is an exception.
Water: Suitable for many classes. Suggestion: Water Priest and Wit are the best choices. A Water Killer is not as good as the others.
Earth: Suitable for many classes. Suggestion: Earth Priest, Wit, Seer and Warrior are better choices. The Earth Knight is not as good as the others.
Wind: Best for Knight. Wind Knight’s speed can be 800+ even when the AGI is less than 20 when equipping the SPD Ring. Thanks to its high speed, the Wind Knight’s attack is so powerful that they become very strong in PK. What’s more, the Wind Knight has amazing class skills.

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