Wonderland Online: Rebirth Quest Strategy

In Wonderland Online version 3, players who have reached Level 100+ are able to be reborn. However, it’s not easy to finish the rebirth quest; a lot depends on excellent team work and cooperation among all group members. To assist with this extraordinary quest, we are giving a detailed strategy guide for players to use.

Location: Bangkok
Quest Name: Test from the Sunlight God

Process as below:

1st Round: One Boss Moai + Seven Moai (easy to finish)

2nd Round: Shading Puppet Lord (Water, Water Thunder Attack mastery, Level 10 Sleep and Water Shield) + Shading Puca*7 (In this round, you can kill the Boss first or the other monsters)

3rd Round: One Androsphinx + Anubis*2+ Scorpion King*3
FYI: In this round, Earth players can use Terrafication to stone the targets, after that kill the Scorpion King first, and then combat the Anubis, finally, kill the BOSS. Generally speaking, the Mage in the team should be good at MATK, the more the better.

4th Round: Kenter*1 + Terma Dragon*2 (Earth) + Water Dragon *1 (Sleep mastery)
FYI: Kill the Terma Dragon first, because it can use it’s Terrafication skill. If players have Shrink skill, you can use it to decrease their attack and defense. But more players should be alternates in case of a team member’s death.

5th Round (Valid within 2 hours): Dragon God (Wind, level 180) + Door Gods *3
FYI: Kill the Water Door God or Earth Door God first. The Water and Earth Door Gods can use Terrafication skill so they must be taken out first.

Final Round: Mahabrahman + Governors of Test Arena
FYI: 1. It never works when you activate Hot Potato to deplete Mahabrahman’s spirit. His physical attacks will deal huge damage.
2. Leave these three holy beasts alone. Their death will generate high level mobs to attack you.
Rewards: Profession Transfer
3. This is the most difficult over all, so players should prepare many alternates. Additionally, the time for this round is 2 hours.
Final Words: It’s difficult to finish the rebirth quest. However, the most important thing is players enjoy the feeling of victory after finishing the quest.

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