Wonderland Online: The First Sever–Aries

1. Wonderland Online’s (http://wl.igg.com) first group server is coming online soon.
A survey conducted by IGG, has shown that most of their players want to name the servers after constellations, and IGG decided they’re right on the money.
2. Why will the first group server be called Aries?

a. The time for Aries is March 21st to April 20th, which is the same time as the Alpha Test. Coincidence?
b. Aries stands for the beginning of everything, this being the beginning of a fantastic new game, IGG thought it appropriate.

IGG and everyone at Wonderland Online hopes to see you during their Alpha Test!

For more info on Wonderland Online or other IGG games visit:http://www.igg.com or http:/wl.igg.com.

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