Wonderland Online: The Next Level-Bow

Players in Wonderland Online have many great weapons to choose from, but for primary players, the best choice has got to be the Bow. Different from all other weapons, the level for Bows will not exceed 36, but it has many more advantages than other weapons.

Advantages in depth

Absolutely destroys a target’s defense. It can damage an enemy’s armor and then win the fight. The best bow is the Crescent Bow+3 whose attribute is to add both ATK and SPD. For newbies, the Bow is the perfect weapon to upgrade.

Bow Types

Short Bow ATK+3 SPD+1 Level 4
Great Bow ATK+4 SPD+2 Level 6
Pretty Bow ATK+5 SPD+3 Level 8
Hunter’s Bow ATK+5 SPD+3 Level 10
Long Bow ATK+7 SPD+5 Level 12
Great Long Bow ATK+8 SPD+6 Level 14
Pretty Long Bow ATK+8 SPD+6 Level 16
Meniscus Bow ATK+11 SPD+9 Level 20
Wing Bow ATK+12 SPD+10 Level 22
Sun Bow ATK+13 SPD+11 Level 24
Cursed Crossbow ATK+14 SPD+12 Level 26
Blessed Bow ATK+10 SPD+18 Level 28
Crescent Bow ATK+10,SPD+10,+24% Critical.

Related Skill: Arrow Rain
Where to learn: Calcutta
Quest: Mysterious Indian elder
Description: AOE. Kills all targets by raining down a barrage of countless arrows. It’s useful when doing quests or collecting dropped items.

Representative Pet
Kanako, Weapon: Bow

The human pet Kanako has her own special bow, but she will be most powerful after equipping the Crescent Bow+3.

Bow Compounding Suggestions

Bow level less than 8: Low level wood + Rock
Bow Level 10-16: Lauan Wood + Iron Ore
Bow Level 20: Great Thorn Stick + Fire Boots
Bow Level 22-26: Dragon Staff + Wood/Grass + Wolf Tooth

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