Wonderland Online: Top Gear Tips

One commonality in all online games is a feeling of competition between players, whether it’s friendly or not. Just as in real life, players who manage to acquire the best gear, pets, or stats have reason to show off, while other players are driven to surpass their achievements and get even better gear, pets, or stats. Well, this competitive spirit is alive and well in Wonderland Online, but with one notable exception. WLO players can produce and upgrade their gear by themselves. Players don’t have to worry about collecting the most money or whether the BOSS will drop that coveted piece of armor. Hard work is rewarded with tangible results.
Key Points:
1)      Compounding Method
To compound something, players need to keep both the materials and location in mind. Different materials with different levels and different locations will give different results. For example, if ore is compounded, or flowers and wood, players may get higher level items. Generally speaking, the final product will be of the same type as the one put in.
2)      Alchemy Books
Alchemy Books have 4 level and they increase the level and success rate for compounding.
3)      Alchemy
There are 3 levels: Primary Alchemy, Junior Alchemy and Senior Alchemy. The better a players alchemy level, the higher the success rate for compounding. Players should finish the related quest to learn Alchemy.
4)      Materials
Almost all materials can be compounded, but the materials’ level is a key factor in the outcome. For example, a Level 8 compounded item will yield the best result for compounding Level 4 materials. If you need a high level item, you should use high level materials.
5)      Luck
Even if a player follows all these directions to the letter, there is still a bit of LUCK involved.
6)      Forging
Even some great gear can be upgraded to have better attributes if the Forging Room in the Item Mall is used. The original attributes will be increased by 2 each time the item is forged. For example, if the original attribute for a gun is ATK +74, after using the Forging Room, its attribute will be increased to ATK+74+10. The highest level for forging is 100.
7)      Enchanting
Increases equipment attributes with a 100% success rate. However, different gems will provide different results. Available gems are: Bomb diamond, spar and colorful diamond.
Bomb diamonds: Increases critical strike chances. (32% increase is the best at present.) It can be socketed onto gear which is not from the Item Mall. It then has the same effect as an Item Mall item.
Spars and Colorful diamonds: Increases gear’s attributes. Spars cannot be traded.
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