Wonderland Online: Upgrade Strategy

Players in Wonderland Online can be reborn once their level reaches 100, and it’s not difficult to do if you know the upgrade strategy. Some players in WL provided with a good strategy for players in different level.

Level 1-Level 10: Train in Kelan Cave, where you can use a remote control to kill stone monsters. You’d better bring enough HP potions and equip your Roca. However, if you want to upgrade quicker when you reach level 6, then you can go defeat the Tree monsters in Kelan or the Rabbit and Dragonfly in North Island.

Level 10-Level 15: Train in Chicken Farm near Welling Village. You’d better team up with your fellow players, prepare enough HP and SP potions and then use a remote control to AFK. You can also kill chickens outside the chicken farm if you are alone.

Level 15-Level 25: Kill beetles on South Island and you can get many fruits which can restore HP and SP. Players can also go to kill vultures in the south, which will get you more EXP. But you’d better choose a suitable element to kill. (For example: Fire kills Wind, Wind kills Earth, Earth kills Water and Water kills Fire.)

Level 25-Level 45: Train at Pine. Go inside and kill the Tender Cirrus, who has no element (3) and they will not use combo attacks. You should prepare enough HP and SP potions. The bow is also the best choice to upgrade for primary players.

Level 45-Level 50: Train at Stoowa Isle, where you can kill spirit monsters without pets. But if your pets can make combo attacks with you, you can equip them. You can get quite a lot of EXP.

Level 50-Level 60: Kill Foxes in Japan. Generally speaking, there are always 3 foxes that can use primary fire combo attack per fight. You’d better prepare enough HP, SP potions and equip pets and you should also pay attention to your HP during the fight.

Level 60-Level 80: Kill snow wolves and bears in the South Pole. We suggest you team up with fellow players and use a bow. Wolf’s teeth can be obtained after killing wolves, which is not only a good material to compound but can also be sold to NPCs for 20 GOLD each.

Level 80-Level 100: Kill Trolls in the cave behind Kyoto. You’d better team up for this one too! Players can get more EXP and may also get mysterious dropped items.

Note: Players should adjust STR and AGI properly. For STR, you can stop adding points if you can kill the trolls together with your team members. It’s more critical to add AGI points. All your AGI should be close to both team members and all pets so as to get a higher combo attack rate which can bring you more EXP.

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