Wonderland Online: Video Contest

Why not record your comical adventures while playing Wonderland Online (http://wl.igg.com/)? How can the little Erik Stifler become the popular Dwight Stifler? Why not direct an American Pie by yourself? Wonderland online is going to give you this chance.

Event Duration: (GMT-5) May 5th ~ June 5th
Selection Duration: -GMT-5-June 9th~June 15th

Event Reward:
Top 3 places: 1 Steam Boat for each
Honorable Mentions: 1 2x EXP Silver Card for each

Event Content: Players can make and release a video with [Newbie Guide] as the theme to obtain abundant rewards.

Selection Rules:
1. The officials will choose several good videos and then players can vote for the winners.
2. The officials will choose the Top 3 videos with the best effects.
3. Players can obtain an Honorable Mention Award if they release their videos in 3 or more video websites.

1. Players should post the video link in the Event Zone of the forum.
2. Players’ video should contain the WLO website.
3. IGG reserves all the copyrights to the works submitted and all rights for final judgment of the event.
4. There is no limitation to the videos.
For more information, please visit: http://wl.igg.com/news/newscontent.php?aid=419

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