World of Final Fantasy: It’s a Good Thing.

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Now, I have a lot of friends, a surprising number of friends who play games and either say they 1. Have never played a Final Fantasy game, or 2. They have no idea where to start the franchise. I mean, the franchise is HUGE.  When I was a lad, we had Final Fantasy 1, and by the time I left Elementary School there was 2 and 3 hit around Middle School.  I’ve been really thinking hard about this lately, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I love the idea of World of Final Fantasy. I already thought it was adorable, and it has a lot of crossover [since according to the game, the world of Grimoire is where all the Final Fantasy characters live] potential.  Monsters from all the games will probably be visible, so expect Behemoths, Floating Eyes, Cactuars, Tonberries, the whole gang.  But why does Square-Enix think this will be a good introduction to the franchise?

Because it has probably every major character in Final Fantasy! I imagine that they will be more true to their home game, unlike Kingdom Hearts 2, where they’re a little different [Looking at you, Y.R.P. . . ] and will help people find the characters they like. Sure it’s chibi/adorable versions of the characters, and they have their own reasons for doing what they do in the story, but I have the deep hope that they will be true to their original source material. Find the characters you like, and you find a new game to play! And there’s really no order to heed, except in very few cases.  There are games that take place in the same universe/timeline, of course. Examples being:

  • Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X/X-II
  • Final Fantasy Tactics, XII, and Tactics Advance.
  • XIII, XIII-2, XIII-3.  What? I laughed.

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I love this though. There are so many Final Fantasy titles that have been/are being remade, and now more than ever people have access to updated versions of some of the greatest RPGs of all time.  Especially with the PS2 versions [X, X-2, XII] which come in the International Editions, which have new/improved content. Not all of these remakes are good though; Square-Enix, stop using mobile versions to remake/port, please. PLEASE. PLEASE.  They all come out looking like garbage; shit. Pick a word. Lots of people have a favorite Final Fantasy though; typically it’s the first big one they played, like VII, VIII, maybe IV or VI. But whichever one you love, of course you’d want other people to experience that love too. Whenever someone asks me what game they should start with, of course I pick my favorites. But this could be a much better way to let them choose their own path.

Choose your own Final Fantasy. Square-Enix, kindly forward my royalty check to Bottom Tier.

Do you have a favorite Final Fantasy?

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  • Clownsaurus

    Yes, I have a favorite Final Fantasy

    • Ragachak

      Har Har. Normally I’d ask, but since you’re a regular on the Bottom Tier stream. . . I know you’re a man of taste, and choose FF4.

  • Herschel Pilcher III

    Favorite? I’d have to say Tactics. Graphically impressive for it’s time and the storyline was sweeping and epic. Even removing the Zodiac Stone aspect, and just sticking to the ‘real’ aspects of the game you still have an amazing story of war, politics and love.

    • Ragachak

      Ugh, I loved Tactics so fucking much. The story of the perils of religion, politcs, etc, was masterful. The PSP/Vita version was better, just because of the voice acting and adding “Dark Knight” as a playable class.

      • Clownsaurus

        I disagree only because the port changed a lot of cool mechanics for the worse. Also, no Cloud. And the foofy name changes.

        • Ragachak

          1. Cloud was lame. 2. They got rid of the JP glitch, which makes me sad, but 3. Floofy Name Changes and DARK KNIGHT.

  • Austin Jaganshi Donnelly

    Favorite Final Fantasy is definitely X. I’m gonna be honest and say it was the upgrade in graphics and the introduction of voice-acting that probably made me like this one better than previous entries. I just couldn’t stand the old visuals and lack of voice-acting; stopped the games from being immersive to me at all, however good the story may have been. Though story and gameplay do play a factor, too–I liked XIII, for example, which had better graphics than X, but wouldn’t call it my favorite because of the linear story and almost automatic combat. Crisis Core and Dissidia also hit lower for their odd combat systems, though I still enjoyed them(Short of the latter calling Tidus, TEEDUS.)

    I’m hopeful that XV or the remake of VII can surpass X for me, assuming Square Enix doesn’t totally screw them up.

    • Ragachak

      I’m hoping the same thing. X’s one of my favorites of all time [and we/I occasionally stream it on Bottom Tier a few days a week!]. I didn’t mind XIII but mostly for the character development/combat system. But I do love X, and the visual upgrade just made me enjoy it more, I won’t lie. I’m hopeful for XV, though.

  • Matt Blaylock

    Obviously Tactics. So much so that I dedicated a decade+ of my life to Heroes of Ivalice because I needed more.

    • Ragachak

      Haha. Yeah, you dedicated more than any human being has to Ivalice as a world I think. Tactics fulfilled the deep-seated need I had for a well-written political/religious social commentary.

      • Matt Blaylock

        Indeed. I want them to explore that more in the future.

  • FF VII is my favorite as it was the first video game I played all the way through and beat. I also like FF 1 and FF 6 both of which I still have to finish lol. Tactics is fun as well but it’s a bit out of my ability sometimes lol.