World Of Kung Fu: Guarding Pet System

Real world, game world, no matter where we are, friends are indispensable! Guarding Pet, who is capable and lively, will surely become player’s close friend in the coming version 1.0.53 of the popular MMORPG – World of Kung Fu. Various Guarding Pets are waiting for you!
Differ from current looting pets like “XII Sheng Xiao”, Guarding pets do not serve players by picking up loots. They have their own and even harder task: Fighting!
Moreover, as a real “pet”, it will be raised up all by players themselves. It appears as an egg at the very beginning. Only under player’s care and feed, it would be able to break out and grow up to a great fighter by side.
Guarding pets will also level up as a very character. They gain experience in battle as players do. In addition to special pet food, all kinds of gears can be used to feed them. The better the equipment is, the more experience the pet can get. Besides food, mood is an important fact too. Mood Value will affect Feed Point and the pet’s performance. A repeatable quest will also be set for players to collect items for improving their pets’ mood value.
A bright spot of Guarding Pet System is: players can unify two different pets into a stronger one. There will be two kinds of unifying: attribute unifying and talent unifying. The first way improves attributes of the guarding pet’s, while the second way improves talent of guarding pet’s in order to provide more additional attributes while leveling up. In this case, players can strengthen their pet into a better and unique one.
If you do not want to miss the Guarding Pets, please remember they will come up in version 1.0.53, which will be released in the end of this month.

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