World Of Kung Fu New Updates

A new version 1.0.52 of World of Kung Fu will be released this summer. World of Kung Fu is a free-to-play MMORPG featuring splendid Kung Fu skills, beautiful scenic graphics and stories founded on the ancient Chinese Kung Fu moral values of justice and heroism. It opens a portal to explore a world of martial arts for players from all corners of the land.
Version 1.0.52 has been expected by players in World of Kung Fu for a long time since it brings many new features, including breaking the level cap (Level 120), two new maps waiting to be explored, relating quests added and Guarding Pet system launched.
The level 100 – level 120 quests will lead the challengers to explore the new maps and face new monsters dwelling there. The two new maps are Qingyuan and Graveyard of Howling Wind. Qingyuan, now haunted by thousands of undead warriors, is waiting for heroes around level 110 to protect the border of Liang from being invaded. Graveyard of Howling Wind is a place where top level players face their challenges. The stories taking their place are all inspired by mythology of ancient China.
Guarding pets, the most expected feature of version 1.0.52, finally mark their debut. Players will no longer fight alone. Not like the looting pets, guarding pets can grow up and help the players out in fighting, and its extraordinary attributes can also enhance player’s capability. Meanwhile, quests about guarding pets will be activated. Pet Feeder will offer different quests to help you raise the strongest and unique pet with ease and fun! 
Transform cards have been always popular in World of Kung Ku. More transform cards, including “Undead Corpse” and “Skeleton Warrior” will be added in this version. If you know something about Chinese ancient tales, you will be greatly delighted to transfer yourself to “Chang Er” and “Hou Yi”, who are the Fairy of the Moon and the Hero who shoot the spare 8 Suns for people, according to ancient Chinese tales.
With these innovative features, there will be more fascinating contents for every type of players in World of Kung Fu. And players can get fresh experience and have fun!

World of Kung Fu

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