World of Warcraft: Paragon gets world-first kill on Heroic Anub’arak

World of Warcraft guild Paragon got a world first kill on Heroic Anub’arak.

With only four attempts left they finally managed to finish the fight with 11 people standing.

Interesting detail is that there are some rumors flying around about another guild transfering server earlier this week to reset their attempt-count. Guess they got outplayed anyway!

About Paragon
Paragon is a Finnish speaking hardcore raiding horde guild on EU-Lightning’s Blade. Paragon was formed by the core members of Knockout (Twisting Nether) and Sauna (Stormreaver) specifically for WotLK raiding. Before WotLK (and before 3.0) they cleared Sunwell for fun in a week with only five guys who had cleared it before. In Ulduar all of their hard mode kills have been top 15, with four top 3 kills. They were 10th guild to kill Algalon the Observer(25).

Congratulations Paragon!

Anub Arak down

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