World of Warcraft: Play Dungeon Finder Bingo!

Since the introduction of patch 3.3 and the Dungeon Finder system World of Warcraft players have found new and exciting ways to mess up other people’s fun.

World of Warcraft - Dungeon Finder Tool

Some of the most notorious ones have been collected by Cruce of the US Scarlet Crusade server who has turned them into three bingo cards. You can print these and they are great fun to keep track of while running dungeons using the Dungeon Finder Tool!

World of Warcraft - Dungeon Finder Pug Bingo - Someone Dies on the First Pull

We don’t have a full card yet but several lines have certainly been filled already by members of the OnRPG crew!
You can find all three of the Bingo cards here: [1], [2], [3]

World of Warcraft - Dungeon Finder Pug Bingo - Some Rolls Need on the Frozen Orb

The original post by Cruce on the offical WoW forums can be found here.
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