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Legion is coming next week, and I’m excited! The more I read and think about it, I’m excited for what this expansion holds. Is that because I was supremely disappointed by the last two? Possibly, I won’t discount that. Regardless, Legion is going to be fantastic, I’m calling it now. However, I can’t decide on what I want to main! I can tell you what, it’s not going to be my Paladin; he’s relegated to PVP duty, since I’m not really happy with the changes they’ve outlined for my once-main. I started the weekend with a level 100 Paladin, Mage, Death Knight, Warrior, and Demon Hunter. Now I also have a level 100 Hunter, and a level 70 Priest. How, you might ask? INVASIONS ARE INSANE EXP.  Just look for the green glowing death in the sky. My Priest started Friday evening, level 1. By Sunday he was sitting in the 50s without doing so much as ten quests. It’s not too late for you guys either! However these are not PVP-immune events, so you might kill or be killed more than once in this little affair. Let’s not talk about how many times my Priest died. . .So many people are gearing up mentally and physically to get new characters in their repertoire, or want something new. Want to expedite the process and get ready for Legion with a new character?

World of Warcraft - Invasion Map

Get a Mage to portal you to Pandaria’s hub, whichever side of the fence you’re on. The portals will be your ally for sure.  What do you do? It’s simple! You take the portal to whichever continent has the most Invasions going, and get to them! It’s easier if you have flightpaths, flight, or a level 100 willing to fly you around [Shoutout to Biral and Shirokami for helping me grind!] but you can make it on your own with a little work. If you’re low level, you should tag as many things as you possibly can and not die, so you can get the exp off the kill. You won’t get exp if you’re dead, which I learned the hard way. As someone on a PVP server [Bloodscalp], I learned this in a really unpleasant way! If you have Heirlooms, again, much better, but not necessary, or Flasks/Potions for exp. Warning: If you die, the exp buff fades, which one of my guildmates learned. The huge green skulls in these area are named and give significantly more exp than regular enenmies [about the same as a phase change] and they should be prioritized if you can. It also seems that the enemies scale with you which I certainly appreciate. If you can, help out and don’t just tag them! No need to be lazy! You gain two chests, a green and a blue if you complete certain phases, but the real question is, what to do with them?  Should you pop them to get some gear now? Hell no you shouldn’t! Save 15-30 of them for level 100! That way when you hit 100 you can ensure you have gear and other stuff. My Hunter at 100 had a full set of gear, including the weapon which is almost maxed out. He’s ready for Legion! There’s a bit of time between Invasions though, so you can definitely have some time away and relax!

Do you guys have any tips on getting ready for Legion? Let me hear them!

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  • Eric Marsh

    Money tip for multiple characters: If you have multiple level 100 characters, the gear you get from doing invasions is enough to start running Cataclysm 25-man Heroic raids by yourself! Dragon Soul, Firelands, Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, and Throne of Four Winds (with Tol Barad as a special case) are the available raids each character can do each week. Total gold obtained from selling drops and from boss kills can still total to just about 7000-8000g for all of them, even after the gold nerfs from Patch 7.0.

    Do that on all 12 character slots on a server and you’ve paid for almost two months of WoW time in a week. Plan to allot about 2-4 hours per character to do them all. Cut out Throne of Four Winds and Dragon Soul if you want to speed through most of them and optimize your time in-game.