World of Warplanes Reveals Ground-Attack Specialists

World of Warplanes Reveals Ground-Attack Specialists, the award-winning videogame developer and publisher, introduced ground-attack planes today into its flight combat MMO World of Warplanes, currently in its alpha testing stage. These heavily armed warbirds are a massively threatening class designed to wipe out ground targets.



Several legendary names stand out in the class of ground-attack planes, including the classic Il-2, Il-10, and the highly progressive jet-powered Il-40 “sturmoviks”, which is presented in the Soviet tech tree, and will expand into models from other nations as World of Warplanes gets close to launch later this year.



Ground-attack aircraft are most famous for deadly strafing runs, dive bombing, and destructive missile attacks, while their armor provides high survivability and combat effectiveness.



“This is the best example of what a flying tank would be like,” said World of Warplanes Project Manager, Alex Zezulin. “Ground-attack planes are heavy, slow-paced, close to invulnerable machines that might have the most important objective in combat: to eliminate any ground-based resistance and ensure the safety of their lighter allies.”



To view these heavily armored bombers in action, check out the new trailer here!

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