WoW: is patch 3.0.8 a disaster? issued an article claiming that the latest patch for World Of Warcraft ‘has been a disaster’. Here’s an extract:

Wintergrasp (one of the biggest promoted features of Wrath) shut down. Unbearable lag on the realms and in instances (and this patch was supposed to fix that). Blizzard even went live with the patch knowing that major bugs (the Warlock summoning and animation and clipping errors) were in there, and, perhaps worst of all, bugs that have been in the game so long they seem to belong there (we’re looking at you, Pet Cower bug) didn’t even bother showing up in the patch notes, and haven’t been fixed.

In short, patch 3.0.8 has been a disaster.


It’s broken more issues than it was even supposed to fix, and bugs that existed before the patch haven’t even gotten a mention, as Blizzard is scrambling to re-do all of the changes that were supposed to go live with 3.0.8.


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