WoW: Legion App. Useful or Stupid?

WoW app 2

Special Snowflake Syndrome: It’s an affliction that occurs in many of the World of Warcraft expansions. You’re the only person that can save the world. So of course you get your own garrison to command! There are ten million [or however many] Heroes that are also running garrisons on ten, eleven, twelve characters. That’s one of the reasons I got so burnt out and gave up on Warlords of Draenor. . . Logging in everyday to do all that shit on all my characters just to fucking keep up!? The fuck, Blizzard? If they had implemented this app two damn years ago I’d have actually kept up with people and not feel like it’s a chore, a damn struggle. It’s the important gameplay mechanic they added, which they certainly improved, but it didn’t feel like I was playing a game anymore.

WoW app

With Legion, they included the free Legion Companion App, which functions similar to the Auction Hall app; the idea behind it is that you can manage your various Class Hall functions while on the go. You can’t use it while you’re in game though. . . it will boot you and that’s okay. It’s not something to help you play the game faster or better. It’s for when you can’t get to your PC! Some of these missions take hours and hours and you can’t just sit there and wait for it! I mean I can sometimes, but I’d really rather not. You can turn in Missions, research stuff in your Class Hall, recruit new troops [Ghouls, etc] and more! I love it, I’m glad to have it, but damnit. . . Where the hell was this years ago when we knew they could make apps to interface with the game? That’s really what I need to know. But if you’re playing WoW this expansion and not using this app? What are you doing? I’ve heard people [even in my own guild!] say it’s stupid because they don’t want to be at their computer being an addict. It’s not being an addict to make the game a little easier to manage in your downtime. Because the Class Halls are a great idea and it’s not shameful to press a few buttons on your phone from time to time instead of opening Instagram or Snapchat.

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