WoW Patch 3.2 Live This Week

Read the patch notes on the official site here.
The long awaited patch 3.2 brings many changes along with it. I’m not sure we should be all happy with these changes – such as all heroics now drop Emblems of Conquest and riding skills can be trained at much lower level (Journeyman Riding at level 20, Epic Riding at level 40 and yes, at level 60 we can already fly!). These changes will make leveling up from 60 to 70 ridiculously easy – if we remember not to fly over enemy cities of course.
Still some very interesting changes are taking place. New class changes, and the new druid forms are finally available. There’s a new battleground (Isle of Conquest) and I’m certain all the prices for Titanium will skyrocket for a few weeks, since we can gather epic gems from prospecting the ores.
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