WoW Player Sentenced To Nine Years Over ‘Kidnapping’ is reporting the following news:
A troubled 14-year-old girl who regarded an older Alabama man she’d met online as a second father was in return treated as a sex object, a federal judge said Tuesday.
Morgan Douglas Jones initiated sexual contact with the Boise girl through their World of Warcraft game personas, then turned his fantasies into reality when he drove across the country to help her run away.
Over the course of six days, the pair had sex multiple times while Jones gave the girl alcohol and prescription pills. They ended up at a north Franklin County campground.
Those actions justify nine years behind bars, ruled U.S. District Court Judge Ed Shea.
Jones and the Boise girl met in 2007 through the internet game World of Warcraft.
After having a platonic online relationship for almost a year, Jones told the girl on April 21, 2008, that his wife had left him. Days later Jones’ game character gave the girl’s character a peck on the lips and fondled her, which led to an online sexual relationship. And within two days Jones was professing how much he loved the girl and arranged for the two to have an online wedding, according to graphic game logs as read by Shea and Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephanie Van Marter.
Once released from federal prison, Jones will be supervised for 50 years.

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