Wowathon – Gaming for Charity

Playing your favorite MMORPG for charity?

As explained on the Official Wowathon Site:

“It all began when three college teenagers happened upon Mario Marathon, a group of three guys tag-teaming all seven Super Mario games in order to raise money for Child’s Play. Child’s Play, founded by the creators of the web-comic Penny Arcade, is a charity dedicated towards donating toys, movies, and video games to hospitals for kids during the holidays. After watching these three men (with the help of thousands of supporters) raise over $30,000, we decided that we needed to do our part to help young gamers through a difficult part of their life by tapping into another gamer demographic we know well: World of Warcraft.”

Of course, who wouldn’t play their favorite game for charity? But it takes a whole lot more organization than you would think. If you want to help out and donate, go to the Official Wowathon Website, and be sure to follow the Wowathon Twitter!

“Though we are a rookie team of fundraisers/marathon gamers, we hope to raise at least $1000 by the time we reach level 60 (ETA: 6-7 days). We’re going to be gaming around the clock (rotating 8 hour sleeping shifts) until we hit level 60. We’re going to be broadcasting live from our dining room in the hopes of inspiring you to donate as well. If we reach our quota, we’ll raise our targeted donation cap and game until we hit 70 (and so forth with level 80). We’ve started a small pot, but we’re depending on you to help us reach our goal of $1000 (and beyond!).”

Currently they’ve reached around 5,600 US Dollars and they will need to reach $10.000! Would you join the cause?

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