Wurm Online Open New Non PVP Server

“As raids increase on the home lands of Wurm, refugees begin fleeing across the oceans in their ships and small boats to find sanctuary in the unexplored south. These desperate souls want nothing of the growing unrest and war between the kingdoms of Jenn Kellon, Mol Rehan and the Horde of the Summoned; they are people of peace, of hope and dreams who wish only to live their lives in harmony with the land and with each other. The promise of a new land offers them the chance to start anew, to set their muscles to the task of taming a new world. And today, they found what they so desperately sought. A beautiful place, empty of people but full of bounty and promise. This new world they have called the Freedom Isles, and this first land they have called Independence!” Kingdom Scribe
The New Server at Wurm Online
Wurm Online is absolutely delighted to announce the opening of a new server on the world of Wurm. This is the first server in a new group of servers called the Freedom Isles, named in respect for the people who have left the Kingdoms of Mol Rehan and Jenn Kellon in search of a more peaceful life, All the servers in this group will be strictly non-pvp and with controls to reduce the chance of player harassment and griefing. But this is not an easy land. It still has wild beasts that can be deadly, it has mountains and lakes and forests to be survived. The challenges will be as mighty as ever, but it will remain war-free.
These new servers are the perfect balance between casual gaming and a more challenging game. They are suitable for players who wish to spend many days digging and shaping the land and building vast monuments, or beautiful villages and towns. But they are also ideal for the player who wishes a smaller, simpler life, where they can make friends and chat and soak up the Wurmian sun in peace and quiet (and then run like a rabbit because they left the gate open and a bear just walked in!)
The Freedom Isles are premium only servers that can be chosen using the new portal on Golden Valley, Wurm’s free-to-play starter server. Players on the existing servers of Mol Rehan, Jenn Kellon and Wild have been offered a grace period where they can travel with all they can carry, and get a full refund on disbanding their deeds. This grace period only applies to players who were premium players on the existing home servers before the launch date of the new server.
Many players will still remain on the original lands of Wurm, and they will all be moving to the Wild server where Jenn Kellon comes head to head with Mol Rahan, and the Horde of the Summoned convert players to their own black god, Libila. Over the next few weeks, the old home servers will be wound down in preparation for the launch of a new, exciting scenario server – Epic. More details soon!
Wurm Online is an MMO which prides itself with never standing still. The team have recognised that there is a market for players who do not wish to be involved in PvP, who want a quiet life and focus on the terraforming aspects of the game. With the additional server group, the Freedom Isles, Wurm Online now offers a cutting edge, challenging game that can appeal equally to both markets.
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