WWII Warfare New Server

Bitcomet.com is pleased to announce that the highly anticipated new server of WWII Warfare: 1940 – has officially released at 00:00, May 12, 2009.
To celebrate the launch of the latest update and new server available to the most popular World War II MMORPG, Bitcomet.com presents an amazing new theme that reveals the allied power. Also, they bring a high quality server that can support thousands of players to play in the server 1940.
The game has also received a significant technical update today to include VIP Account Services and player Referral Program(union.playcomet.com).
The VIP Account Services – which are available to all new and current WWII players – include
1. All resource output will increase by 10%
2.All units’ consumption will reduce by 20%.
3.VIP players can search more targets that can be reached.
4.Players can collect and add 30 players’ information.
And much more
all of which go live from today. No matter old and new players, they can create a new character to play in the Server 1940. At the same tiem, they are going to prepare much more surprises to players, which are available right now.
The player Referral Program allows current players and incoming players or media partners to invite friends to enjoy a free bonus service of the game. More importantly, it allows players to make real USD. For more please visit union.playcomet.com
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