WYD Global New Channels

On July 29, 2008 With Your Destiny Global will be launching its fourth (4th) channel due to high demand from players and other 3 channels are getting too populated.

As the war continues to grind on, the worst news has come to pass.
The Channel War in the Khersuph Continent will never be the same!
Four (4) different channels can now join the channel war!
MODIFIED DROP and EXP rates every Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays for the whole month of August on the NEW Channel!

20% Discount on ALL Premium Items for 1 whole week!

Together with the new channel launch is the update of the 7.52 patch.
7.52 Patch List
Guild System
– Players may now leave or get kicked out of the guild even on Sundays
PK System:
– The God Government NPC will add +10 chaos points on you in exchange of 100 kill points
– Less chaos points will result to less HP and DEF but more DMG
– Players with -60 chaos points or less will lose DEX, more HP and DEF

Quest System:

– More gold can be acquired in the Beginning of Unhappiness Quest

Gamble System:

Money Cube system, a simple gamble system the requires in-game gold to play with.

Mount / Pet System:

– The penalty when failing to level up a mount is changed
– Mounts will no longer lose life expectancy when you fail on trying to level it up, instead, mounts can level down by 1 if the mount’s level is even number.
– Mounts will not lose level if their level is odd.

Upgrade System:

– Oriharukon Powders are now tradable but will no longer be available on NPC

Tax System:

The teleportation fee from town portals will be added on the town tax and the Noatun tax of the server.

New Items:

Hunting Scrolls now available on NPC Farche in Erion Town.
Transformation scrolls now available on NPC Mount Captor in Erion Town.

NPC Removed:

NPC Jully that lets people from Azran Boat go to Snowfield is now removed.

New Beast Master Skills
Elemental Armor (passive)
– Increases absorb damage property that depends on the nature skill mastery
– When the 8th skill of the nature skill mastery is acquired and a shield is equipped, effect is slightly improved
Master of Transformation (passive)
– Passively improves all nature transformation skills
Shield of Thorns (passive)
– When a shield is equipped, total DEF will increase by 5%
– When 8th skill of the nature skill mastery is acquired, a part of the physical damage dealt to the Beast Master is returned to the damage dealer on a specific range from the Beast Master.


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