WYD GlobalÂ’s New Look

WYD Global’s New Look

Things are heating up as WYD Global announces its latest and biggest patch – WYD Global version 7.50! This update introduces a new user interface and overall game graphics that will surely give a new and refreshing feel of the game. Feast your eyes to this new user interface and feel gaming much livelier.

New and Improved Armia

Feast your eyes to this new user interface and feel gaming much livelier. The great city of Armia is also reconstructed and will certainly make gaming more invigorating to the eyes. With this new look, Armia will never be the same again

New Skills and Siege War Update

Good news for all sword and bow users. Because in this patch, Bow and melee characters are boosted as some skills are modified that favors these characters. Will this be the era of hunters and melee Transknights? Expect bloodier siege wars as rules and settings for this war have also been modified to further enhance gaming experience. With these new settings, siege wars will keep your adrenaline pumping.


Skills Updates:

1.) Hunter
Hunter’s Vision
It is a passive skill that increases critical rate proportional to DEX stat.
Cancellation will be ignored once then your immunity skill will be debuffed.

2.) Trans Knight:
Defense bonus adjustment on rescue skill was made
When you acquire the Faith 8th skill you will get more defenses.
Speed Up
Skill name is changed to Two-hand Mastery.
It is a passive skill that increases weapon damage when you are using two one-hand weapons.
Explosion Bash
Required Mana for casting was decreased.
Luster Punish
Non-elemental property was changed to holy elemental property.

3.) Beast Master
Voice of Sylph
When you learned the Elemental 8th skill, the spell damage of this skill will be proportional to a certain percentage of the target’s HP.

– Voice of Shylph, Anger of Gnome and Fury of Undine non-elemental property was changed to holy elemental property.

4.) Foema
When casted on a hunter with an immunity buff on, the immunity buff will be removed instead of its normal effect.


Here are the other game updates for WYD Global version 7.50:

  1. Experience Box is now tradable
  2. You can now easily transfer or get items from inventory by simply pressing “ctrl” and click on the item
  3. The amount of +11 items with piercing and absorb damage property is increased
  4. Party mates of a character using an experience item from 350 quests will get 10% of the EXP the user is getting. This is only applicable for normal characters 350 and below.
  5. Shire Horse Resistance and evasion is deleted; 3-day shire horse is deleted from NPC
  6. Steed with 5 LV and 5 Life Span will be automatically be placed to the cargo when normal characters reach LV 150
  7. The maximum LV of mount will be increased to 120. Upon reaching level 120, an additional 10% damage absorption will be added and the overall mount refinement rate will be increased.
  8. Increased damage from 30% to 50% when wearing two one hand weapons
  9. Additional resistance applied when refining a helmet and shield to +9 will be removed
  10. Repletion stone D and E are now tradable


For more information, visit www.wydglobal.com and check out the update section

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