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July 12, 2007Weeks after WYD Episode I: Chaos World was launched, we are proudly to say that a lot of gamers playing WYD Global due to successful launching of closed beta.

For harmony of the game, WYD Global Team encouraged all players to use English as primary language in-game since WYD is an international server. They suggested reporting the name with special character and foreign name in a reason of changing name as part of unity as global game server.

Last June 28, the premium zone section was opened; those premium items will help a lot on players for leveling, performing quest etc. To those participants of closed beta, they would receive 3,000 premium points (WYDCoins) in their accounts which they can use to avail premium items. Premium items can be buy in the NPC Nell located at three towns namely Armia, Azran and Erion.

Community of WYDian was rapidly rising for them to start creating their guild and be a part of Guild Wars to show their strength and unity. They are already prepared but continuous recruiting and expanding their members to have larger troops as preparation on Guild Wars. Some guild was named after their country to represent and participate in popular global server With Your Destiny.

We are very thankful to all the support and being part of the success after launching of With Your Destiny Episode I: Chaos World. For our great gratitude, we are now preparing a new exciting episode to continue grant fulfillment for all gamers and avid fans. As part of the gratitude, we are glad to inform all the gamers for our new events staring on July 13 until July 27 of the present year. These events are “Better Be Together” and “World Community Union”. Many premium items will be given as rewards to those who participated.

WYD Global Team was inspired to work hard for the satisfaction of all gamers and avid fans.

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