Yakuza 0 to be Uncensored in American Release


yakuza 0Yakuza franchise is all about the gritty life of members of Japan’s underground evildoers. It’s a fun fact that the last Yakuza title was previewed by actual members of the Yakuza to see if it was an accurate representation of their lifestyle, politics, fighting and schemes. It’s brilliant, and that sort of thing really appeals to me for a lot of reasons. But these games take forever to come to America because the localization process for a game of this magnitude is not something that comes easy. I’d hope that it would be done alongside the actual game so we could get a release that wasn’t a year late or so, but that’s not what we’re talking about today. . .

Yakuza gravure

Yakuza 0 will have zero cut footage! The whole of the game will be visible and playable! All the excitement, action, assholes popping up out of nowhere and demanding a fight, the whole deal! But what does that mean for you, the pervert player? In addition to pummeling everyone with a pulse across Kamurocho, you can do these things: You can enter sleazy Adult Video Stores and watch Gravure Idols prance around barely clothed. Gravure is a style of modeling. It’s not porn, but it’s very close. Think softcore. There’s also the bikini-clad women who will duke it out in a Rock Paper Scissors style combat mode. Interestingly enough, the logo for the “Federation” that hosts this looks suspiciously like the New Japan Pro Wrestling seal. From what I understand it will also feature phone dating, disco dancing, model car racing, and Space Harrier!

So be excited, Yakuza fans! It’s going to have a [much deserved] Mature Rating! It drops in January.

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  • Mike Guzman

    Ok I’ve got to ask…Space Harrier?