Your Christmas in Zero Online

Wow! Santa Claus is on his way! Have you prepared your Christmas stocking? Before he comes, let’s see what we will have in Zero Online these days!

Christmas Tree
Time December 24th – December 28th
– Level Lottery: Above level 80
– Christmas Pack: For all levels
– Place Steel Warship (263,914)

– Reward Christmas Pack; Christmas Gift

From December 24th to 28th, if you are a level 80+ pilot, Steel Warship will be the only place you would like to stay!

Pilots above level 80 can find the huge Christmas Tree on Steel Warship (263,914) to get a lottery chance every one hour! Meanwhile, 60 Christmas Packs will be dropped from the tree for all the Alliance’s pilots every 60 minutes, too! Now clear up your cabin and get well prepared. Don’t hesitate to show your greed!

Crash the Snowman

Time December 24th – December 28th (09:00 – 09:30, 14:00 – 14:30, 19:00 – 19:30)
– Level For all levels
– Postion Titan Icefield
– NPC Marion (Steel Warship, 522,798)
– Reward Alliance Pack

Yes, we admit that there’s no level limit for this quest, but if you’ve reached level 120, you will be Officer Marion’s VIP and sent to Titan Icefield directly by his Space Teleport System! If not, we have to feel sorry about that.

The massive Giant Snowmen and Baby Snowmen will wait for your special care on Titan Icefiel. After you melt down these poor guys, you will not only enjoy the pleasure of elimination, but also the free Zero Points contained in the Alliance Pack…

Time December 24th – December 28th (20:00-21:00)
– Level Above level 50
– NPC Officer David (Steel Warship, 266,897)

Oh, my! Santa Claus got stuck in the chimney last week! He will not be able to come to Steel Warship on Christmas. Don’t worry, Officer David has got his Christmas gifts for all of you guys! All pilots above level 50 can get fireworks from him every 2 minites! The Christmas navigator will tell you where to find the Firework Emitters to set off!

We here at TQ want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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