Ys Online: The Call of Solum – 2nd Closed Beta Signup!

– You can now apply for a Closed Beta Key
– New features available
– Brand new Ys Online website
Starting now, you can register your interest in taking part in the Ys 2nd Closed Beta. The keys to test the game are limited and are restricted to the list of supported territories. Go to Ys Online website, choose your language and press the ‘Join the Beta’ button to apply.
The 2nd Closed Beta will be live on April. This new phase will include various new features, such as new class specializations and a raised level cap, up to level 40 instead of 30. Amongst some of the more important changes you’ll find the activation of the PVP system and some new maps: 4 more instances and 3 instance dungeons.
While you wait to find out what new contents the 2nd Closed Beta will bring, Key To Play has launched a complete new website, available in 4 languages, with a brand new design.
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